Here at Helier Benn & Co we offer our clients more than just your average costs draftsman. Our comprehensive costs service does of course include drafting, but we also specialise in providing expert advice, negotiation, costs budget management and advocacy, in all areas of law.

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  • Should additional liabilities be considered when considering proportionality?

    17th January, 2017

    Prior to the Jackson reforms, Costs Practice Directions defined the relationship between additional liabilities and proportionality. Additional liabilities were very rarely reduced on grounds of proportionality however the new proportionality test is subjective and there is little continuity

  • Interest on costs

    12th December, 2016

    Ordinarily interest on costs is payable from the date of the order giving rise to detailed assessment rather than the date of the quantification of those costs, but that may not always be the case...

  • When has a Claimant beaten its own offer?

    31st July, 2016

    Where a Claimant makes a Part 36 offer to accept 'x' inclusive of interest and proceeds to trial where he recovers 'y' inclusive of interest, where 'y' is greater than 'x', he’s beaten his offer hasn’t he? Not, necessarily…

  • 81st Update to the CPR and Precedent Q

    1st October, 2015

    The 81st update of the CPR comes into effect on the 1st October 2015.

    Together with details of the new format bill of costs, we also have a new Precedent Q.

  • More Court Fee Increases

    4th August, 2015

    It seems that one increase to court fees a year is not quite enough...

    • “We have used Helier Benn for a number of years now and, without exception, every fee earner has found them to be approachable, professional and highly-skilled. They feel like an extension to our Firm and add real value and expertise in all aspects of costs recovery"

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      Alan Stobart

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